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The company Rehearsers for more than 10 years on the market in the sphere of service of drilling of water wells. They represent all types of water well drilling. The company also performs work on all accompanying documentation for drilling a well for water.


Our task was to ensure that the managers of Rosgeoresurs were able to correctly tell their clients about the services they provided remotely. Showing the desired section of the service on the website for visual perception of the client, what work will be done to drill a well for water, as well as the stages of the work performed.


We have developed an interactive infographic for each section to visually understand the structure of the water well.

The most important thing was what we did in the infographic of the location of the drilling rig for drilling a water well. For the visual perception of the client of the company Rosgeoresurs, how much space is needed for the drilling rig to call at the drilling site, and the location of tools for drilling a well for water.

Was carried out extensive work on the development of a complete brand book of the company Rosgeoresurs.

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